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Health Insurance


Get the best Health Insurance tailor-made to suit your varied needs at Prime Folios Pvt Ltd.

Health insurance is one of the most important factors that one must consider. Health insurance provides the desired relief and assistance service. Prime Folios Pvt Ltd is the leader in the insurance sector. We provide you with bespoke health insurance policies that provide you with the desired hospitalization and health benefits. At Prime Folios Pvt Ltd, we strive to continually update ourselves and introduce health insurance policies that are highly lucrative and thoughtful. Our team of experts is highly professional and has great knowledge of the insurance sector. They exert themselves to care for the most significant aspect of your well-being- your health.


Make the right choice with the right insurance plans

Prime Folios believes in providing complete assistance to our customers. We help you select the ideal partner who cares for your health and provides one vital hospitalization benefit. We introduce comprehensive health insurance plans that cover pre-hospitalization charges, post-hospitalization charges, medical expenses, daycare procedures, domiciliary treatment, and optimum health coverage.


Cohesive motor insurance to secure your vehicle, yourself, and your loved ones

The Motor Insurance Act has made purchasing a motor insurance plan for any new or used vehicle compulsory. Prime Folios Pvt Ltd is your motor insurance partner. We help you to select the best motor insurance plans that cover your car against any damage. We offer many motor insurance options that provide optimum cover for theft, burglary, accident, fire, self-ignition, etc. Apart from this, we also aid one in selecting third-party motor insurance for any accident involvement and loss to third parties. At Prime Folios, our team comprehends your exact requirements and helps you to choose the ideal personal accident cover, third-party vehicle cover, two-wheeler insurance policy, and much more. Contact our insurance experts now to know more about health and motor insurance!

Why Should You Choose Us for Health and Motor Insurance?

Personal touch

The real test begins when you need to contact someone with a query or a claim, even if internet health and motor insurance providers make it simple to receive a price and sign up for insurance. It might not be very pleasant to navigate the automated phone system or to be kept on hold for an excessive amount of time, especially when you need a quick response.

Locate the ideal insurance plan for you.

As an independent insurance company, we work with dozens of the top insurance providers in the market. We can choose health and motor insurance policies from each that best suit your objectives, requirements, and financial situation, ensuring you always get the best deal.

A single point of contact for every need related to insurance.

Since home and auto insurance are the most popular types of insurance for individuals, these are the first things that come up when people discuss insurance. However, depending on your location, you can also require business, renters, flood, life, health, and other insurance.

We at Prime Folios are your one-stop solution.

It can be difficult to find insurance, which is why many people fail to review or update their policies. Our staff will regularly review your policies to ensure you receive the most value. If we find areas for improvement, we will provide recommendations. We also assist you in modifying your health and motor insurance coverage in response to life events, including moving to a new location, getting married, launching a business, or adding a driver to your policy.

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